Research Article

Practical implementation of the SWEEP-session of Stimulation- Registration in CI fitting

Petrov SM*

Published: 10/11/2017 | Volume 1 - Issue 1 | Pages: 013-015


Levels of electrically evoked stapedial reflex thresholds (eESRTs) are frequently used as most comfortable levels (MCL) in cochlear implant fitting. The problem of routine one-channel-technique of reflexometry is long duration of this procedure. In order to “compress the time” we suggest method of consecutive stimulation of all electrodes of implant with simultaneous registration of stapedial reflexes-SWEEP-session. Practical implementation of the SWEEP-session is described here. This method has been successfully used in several hundred CI patients. Registration of evoked electrical stapedial reflex thresholds (eESRTs) during CI fitting is long procedure. In order to “compress the time” we suggest our SWEEP-session method. Practical implementation of this SWEEP-session is described here in accordance with the patent of Russian Federation.

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