Volume 3 Issue 1

2019-11-25 Case Report

Lateral Pedicle and Connective Tissue Graft – A combined approach for management of isolated gingival recession


Gingival recession is defined as apical migration of the gingival epithelium leading to the exposure of root surface. There are many surgical procedures for treating gingival recessions and the main goal is to cover the exposed tooth surface by soft tissue augmentation. The surgical techniques performed for root coverage has their own advantages and limitations. The surgical technique used for managing the gingival recession is the major factor that determines the outcome and the long term result of the procedure. The most common surgical technique in treating the isolated gingival recession is the lateral pedicle graft and the surgical technique with highest percentage of root coverage is the connective tissue graft. This case report deals with the management of an isolated gingival recession with lateral pedicle and connective tissue graft. The outcome of the procedure was excellent having complete root coverage.

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2019-11-21 Case Report

Cranio-Facial Fibrous Dysplasia: A case report of a conservative treatment in a monostotic form associated with an orthodontic management and a bone graft of the non-lytic bone area for dental implant rehabilitation


Fibrous dysplasia is an osteolytic lesion in which bone is replaced by an instable fibrous osseous tissue. The aim of this case report is to highlight dental rehabilitation (bone grafts to allow dental implant) on patients suffering of this condition.

A 39-year-old female with a hard-traumatic event in childhood desired a dental implant rehabilitation on her teeth 19 and 30 after an orthodontic alignment. A Cone-Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) was performed showing a massive radiopaque lesion of the anterior mandible. The bone grafts and dental implants were successfully managed. A non-invasive treatment with regular follow up was chosen for this case. No evolution was noticed twenty-four month later at the follow up CBCT.

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2019-08-20 Research Article

Colour keys to emotion in management of children and intellectual distraction using coloured games in dental environment for children


Aim and objective: Dentistry for children is not difficult but is different from what is practiced for adults. The children reacts to differently to people and places around them. Anxiety is an emotional state that helps normal individual defend themselves against a variety of threats and Dental anxiety refers to patients specific response towards dental suitation-associated stress. So the aim is to evaluate the anxiety related management of the children using intellectual mind game of the individual.

Study design: The background of the study is to evaluate and study the effectiveness of anxiety control of children using colour distraction between 5 and 12 yrs of age group as one part and the intellectual distraction of children between the same age group using buchanan facial imaging scale and intellectual coloured game chart.

Results and conclusion: lowering of anxiety was noticed in the children obtained the favorite colours in the dental environment and easy distraction can be achieved using intellectual gamings.

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2020-09-04 Procedure

A Simplified approach for fabrication of custom tray for Facial prosthesis

Jyotsna Vimal, Sunit Kumar Jurel, Raghuwar Dayal Singh* and Pooran Chand

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2020-04-24 Research Article

Tooth erosion and the role of pepsin reflux

Jeanine Fisher, Graham Porter, Stuart Graham, Christos Ziaras, Andrew D Woodcock and Peter W Dettmar*

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