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2021-03-03 Letter to the Editor

Alone in the face of adversity

From my desk I could be watching the wind blow or the horses running. Practicing Medicine in a rural setting has these advantages: from time to time you can take the time to admire the beauty that surrounds you in the form of an obligatory pause within a marathon working day, and rest helps refresh your mind of prejudices to continue with the inescapable task that awaits us after a few minutes, the only ones allowed to order our thoughts.

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2021-03-17 Review Article

Prognostic significance of the Central Tumor Size (CTS) in Cervical Cancer (CC) stages IIb and IIIb: What should we do with the FIGO staging system and therapeutic strategies?


Cervical cancer constitutes an issue in public health, becoming the leading cause of death by cancer in women between 20-40 years of age in Latin America. In Argentina 5000 new cases are diagnosed each year, where more than 56% are in advanced stages. The aim of the present current opinion or critical review article is to remark the importance of the prognostic significance of the Central Tumor Size in stages IIB and IIIB cervical cancer, as well as to propose a new FIGO Staging System for Cervical cancer and trying to find out a role for the different therapeutic strategies for those cases.

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