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Electrocoagulation with greased lidocaine gel 2% as hemostatic maneuver after minimally invasive partial nephrectomy: Experimental and preliminary clinical results

Vinicius JA Panico, Lucila H Simardi, Eliney F Faria, Rene Sotelo, Ruben Suarez, Diego Abreu, Andre Meirelles, Edison Schneider, Hamilton C Zampolli and Marcos Tobias-Machado*

Published: 04/29/2020 | Volume 4 - Issue 1 | Pages: 019-023


Methods: Experimental phase: Performed a partial nephrectomy off clamp in pig model followed by cauterization of lidocaine gel 2% with different power (control, 30W, 50W and 100W) in the kidney resection bed to evaluate efficacy and deep injury extension.

Clinical phase: 20 patients submitted to laparoscopic or partial nephrectomy for low risk RENAL score were utilized greased lidocaine gel 2% with 50W in cautery scalpel to hemostasis of renal parenchima to validate efficacy and safety.

Results: Experimental study shows that this technique is effective and promote better hemostasis with 50W and 100W, with deep injury of less than 3 mm.

Clinical study confirm efficacy, good control of hemorrage, few complications and no transfusion. Minimal changes in hematocrit, haemoglobin and creatinine were observed.

Conclusion: In this preliminary experience the use of this new alternative to hemostasis for low risk partial nephrectomy was satisfactory and with good intra and postoperative results.
The best advantages were safety in terms of the depth thermal injury, low cost and absence of artifacts over the resection area observed at CT scan postoperatively.

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