Alexis Álvarez Aliaga

Alexis Álvarez Aliaga | Editor

Affilation: Granma University of Medical Sciences, Cuba

Graduated as a Medical Doctor in Santiago de Cuba Medical University in 1996. Became a specialist in Internal Medicine in 2001. Obtained his Doctor’s degree in Medical Sciences (equivalent to a doctorate obtained at Havana University, Cuba) in 2013. Full Professor and researcher at the University of Medical Sciences of Granma Province, Cuba. At present he is the Head of the Teaching and Research Department at “Carlos Manuel de Céspedes” University Hospital, Bayamo, Granma, Cuba. He is also a lecturer and researcher at this hospital, particularly in the field of Internal Medicine and postgraduate education.

Director of the Multimed Medical Journal (an electronic journal of Medical Sciences in Granma, Cuba) since 2014. Editorial Board Journal of Coronary Heart Diseases Member of the Cuban Society of Internal Medicine. Main research areas: arterial hypertension and target organ damage caused by arterial hypertension.

Master’s degree in infectious diseases and has been awarded several prizes at different provincial editions of the Yearly Health Prize Contest in Granma Province, Cuba.

Research Interest:

Factors associated to hypertensive heart disease development: a prospective cohort study in Bayamo, Cuba.

Factors associated to hypertensive nephropathy disease development Risk factors of target organ damage caused by hypertension.

Some risk factors of hypertensive heart disease.

Predictive model for the development of hypertensive cardiopathy: A prospective cohort study.

Design and validation of an index to predict the development of hypertensive cardiopathy.

Some non-hemodynamic factors associated to the risk of developing hypertensive cardiopathy.