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2021-01-12 Short Communication

Hypertensive toxicity of thyrosine kinase inhibitors; Friend or Foe?


Tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs) are widely used in Oncology practice. Hypertension may develop during cancer treatment and TKIs are well known drugs that are associated with drug related hypertensive toxicity. TKI related hypertensive toxicity is not always the indicator of worse clinical outcomes and it may be the sign of treatment efficacy.

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2021-06-11 Research Article

Meclizine prescriptions in the Emergency Department and return visits in the elderly population


Background: Meclizine is a commonly prescribed medication for patients discharged from the Emergency Department (ED) with a diagnosis of peripheral vertigo, however it is on the Beers list of medications to avoid in elderly patients.

Objectives: This study aims to determine the correlation between use of meclizine and return visits to the ED within 1 week in patients > 65 years old.

Methods: This is a retrospective observational study conducted at 2 urban tertiary care EDs over 5 years. Inclusion criteria included patients > 65 years who were given meclizine in the ED or discharged with a prescription. Charts were reviewed for diagnosis, prescriptions and return visits within 7 days.

Results: There were a total of 1608 patients over 65 years of age who met inclusion criteria, 669 patients identified as receiving meclizine in the ED and 962 who received no meclizine (ED or ED plus home prescription). Of the meclizine patients, 548 (84.8%) were given home prescriptions, of which there were 36 (6.6%) return visits within 7 days. Patients who were given meclizine while in the ED without home prescriptions (121) had 16 return visits (13.2%). Among the non-meclizine group, 102 patients (10.6%) had a return visit within 7 days.

Conclusion: There was no increase in return visits in elderly patients discharged from the ED with a prescription for meclizine after a diagnosis of benign dizziness. Meclizine prescriptions at discharge were associated with fewer return visits to the ED within 1 week. Ongoing dizziness was the most common reason for return visits; there were no documented chief complaints of weakness, syncope/falls, or hypotension.

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2021-07-14 Review Article

Hypertension: A global health crisis


Objective: This study discusses strategies to overcome hypertension patient compliance to manage self-care. The purpose of the study is to provide a summary of the importance of attention to managing hypertension.

Method: a review of literature relevant to hypertension, policies, and management, both pharmacological and non-pharmacological, through cross-programs or sectors.

Result: This study found that the ministry of health had compiled various policies to reduce the prevalence of hypertension, including technical guidelines for its implementation, but the strategy has not yet fully reached the minimum service standard, which is because it has not fully involved the relevant cross sectors.

Conclusion: Improve the coordination system by “Joint Decree” between the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Villages, PDT and Transmigration, the Ministry of Social Affairs, Indonesian National Army, police, and NGOs to carry out activities simultaneously to the community.

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