Hypertension is the medical condition for having persistently high blood pressure, when our heart has to work harder to push blood around our body. It is a long-term medical condition in which the blood pressure in the arteries is importunately elevated creating a major risk factor for coronary artery disease, stroke, heart failure and peripheral vascular diseases.

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Recent Articles

2020-08-13 Research Article

Silent cerebrovascular disease in hypertensive adults is frequent and age-dependent

Marta Brown-Martínez*, Zenaida Hernández, Yamile Valdés, Edilberto González, Emelina Despaigne and Evelio Gonzalez


Background: Cerebral small vessel disease and extracranial atherosclerotic carotid disease are manifestations of silent cerebrovascular disease (CVD). Information on these two pathologies in hypertensive population with low cardiovascular risk (CVR) is scarce...

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2019-11-08 Research Article

Incidence of hypertension in a high-risk workgroup (Police officers) - Observational study

Guillermo Padrón Arredondo*


Introduction: Hypertension is a silent pathology in a way that affects all four spheres to be considered as such; magnitude, transcendence vulnerability, and feasibility. The World Health Organization estimates that 45% of deaths from heart disease and 51% of ...

Abstract Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.ach.1001020 Cite this Article

2019-10-23 Research Article

Compliance of hypertensive patients with antihypertensive drug therapy at the Renaissance Hospital of N’Djamena, Chad

Adam Ahamat Ali*, Guillaume Mahamat Abderraman*, Zeinabou Maiga Moussa Tondi and Hissein Ali Mahamat


Introduction: High blood pressure is a major cardiovascular risk factor. In hypertension, non-compliance is frequent. The objective of this work is to evaluate the therapeutic observances and to identify the predictive factors of poor compliances in Chadian h...

Abstract Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.ach.1001019 Cite this Article

2019-08-13 Research Article

Validation of the Omron HBP-9031C blood pressure monitor for clinics and hospitals according to the ANSI/AAMI/ISO 81060-2:2013 protocol

Kanako Saito, Yukiko Hishiki and Hakuo Takahashi*


Objective: The present study aimed to evaluate the accuracy of the Omron HBP-9031C automated oscillometric upper-arm blood pressure (BP) measurement device for blood pressure monitoring, according to the ANSI/AAMI/ISO 81060-2:2013 protocol (ANSI/AAMI/ISO).

Abstract Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.ach.1001018 Cite this Article

2019-07-24 Research Article

The New (2018) European Hypertension Guidelines an overview and comments

Mohsen Ibrahim M*

Review Article

The European Society of Cardiology (ESC) and the European Society of Hypertension (ESH) jointly developed a series of hypertension guidelines in the years 2003, 207 and 2013. The most recent guidelines were issued by the two societies in August this year (2018) and were...

Abstract Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.ach.1001017 Cite this Article

2019-06-27 Mini Review

Circulating platelet-derived vesicle in atrial fibrillation

Alexander E Berezin* and Alexander A Berezin


Platelet vesiculation is common factor contributing in coagulation and thromboembolism in patients with atrial fibrillation (AF). Platelet-derived vesicles are involved in the coagulation, thromboembolism, microvascular inflammation, arterial stiffness, vascular calcification...

Abstract Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.ach.1001016 Cite this Article

2019-04-03 Review Article

Hypertension as a persistent public health problem. A position paper from Alliance for a Healthy Heart, Mexico

Luis Alcocer, Humberto Alvarez-Lopez, Gabriela Borrayo-Sanchez, Ernesto German Cardona-Munoz, Adolfo Chavez-Mendozaa, Enrique Diaz y Diaz, Jose Manuel Enciso-Munoz, Hector Galvan-Osegueraα, Enrique Gomez-Alvarez, Pedro Gutierrez-Fajardo, Hector Hernandez y Hernandez, Francisco Javier Leon-Hernandez, Jose Antonio Magana-Serrano, Jose Zacarias Parra-Carrillo and Martin Rosas-Peralta*


Today, Mexico has more than 130 million inhabitants; 85 millions of them are adults of 20 or more years old. The population pyramid is still one of base wider and this base corresponds to adults younger than 54 years old. Despite predictions made 20 years ago, about a transfor...

Abstract Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.ach.1001015 Cite this Article

2019-01-28 Research Article

Heart Failure with preserved Ejection Fraction (HFpEF); A Mexican cohort from Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS)

Lizette Arizmendi-Ocampo, Martin Rosas Peralta*, Daniela Salinas Morales, Alejandro Chanona Espinosa, Alicia Contreras Rodriguez, Erick Ramirez Arias, Carlos Riera kinkel, Guadalupe Castro Martínez and Jose Antonio Magana-Serrano


Background: Several epidemiologic studies indicate that up to 50% of patients with heart failure have a preserved ejection fraction, and this proportion has increased over time. The knowledge of its severity and associated comorbidity is determining factor to...

Abstract Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.ach.1001014 Cite this Article

2018-11-23 Review Article

Strategic Plans for Diagnosis, Treatment and Control of Hypertension

M Mohsen Ibrahim*


Two major challenges face the practicing physicians and medical community regarding the management of hypertension. First is accurate diagnosis and finding who is the truly hypertensive patient in need of life-long treatment. Second is to improve blood pressure control throug...

Abstract Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.ach.1001013 Cite this Article

2018-10-11 Research Article

What is the Cost of Measuring a Blood Pressure?

Steven A Yarows*


Rationale: Blood Pressure measurement has transitioned to the oscillometric method in most hospitals in the United States, however out-patient offices mainly use the auscultatory technique.

Objective: To determine time taken to meas...

Abstract Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.ach.1001012 Cite this Article