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2019-01-11 Research Article

Damu-Safen pesticide exposure risk assessment, EC (fomesafen, 250 g/l)

Annually the list of pesticides is replenished by new ones. One of the main criteria for their registration is toxicological and hygienic assessment and its impact on the environment.

In order to register the new soy herbicide Damu - Safen, EC (fomesafen, 250 g/l) it was necessary t...

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2019-04-16 Research Article

Study the effect of transient vibration on multi-storey building structure according to equivalent spring-mass system performed by Ansys

The carried work has based on transient vibration response of multiple degrees of freedom (MDOF) system. By this work study of Time–history analysis and prediction of the displacement for excitation has done. For the MDOF system, we have taken the four-storey building to done transient v...

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2019-04-25 Research Article

A qualitative method for determining the surfaces between asphalt layers using ABAQUS software

The analytical models are mainly combined with numerical equations for the problems of the pavement under the wheel load. Different assumptions can be considered, such as elastic asphalt and viscoelastic as well as static or dynamic load. Mainly on deformation at the bottom of asphalt and tens...

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2019-05-27 Research Article

Investigation and analysis of fracture failure and fatigue cracking in Highrise pavement using simulation software of ABAQUS

Assuming that the road infrastructure has been implemented in accordance with specifications and standards, poor adhesion between the two layers of asphalt mix can be a significant cause of pavement problems. The general problem observed with the weak adhesion between the layers is the slip fa...

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2019-07-15 Research Article

Research of possibilities of studying the areas of development of erosion of slope lands in Azerbaijan and fight it

The study proved that in gully systems with the largest catchment area ranging from 5.0 to 28.8 km2, the degree of dismemberment of gully systems is small, varies mainly from 1 to 3 km / km2, less often from 3 to 5 km / km2. As can be seen, the average annual growth of ravines is 0.34 ... 7.48...

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2019-08-27 Research Article

The place of health innovation in space to improve the lives of earthlings

For over twenty years, following the creation of space stations, MIR first and then the ISS (International Space Station) men (3 to 6) live and succeed each other continuously about 300 - 400 km of altitude to make scientific experiments. For this reason sending men into space has become an ac...

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