Research Article

Thermal Stress Analysis of a Continuous Rigid Frame Bridge

Shiwei Ge, Yafei Xu*, Xiao Zhou and Shangyu Peng

Published: 03/24/2017 | Volume 1 - Issue 1 | Pages: 009-019


Thermal stress of a continuous rigid frame bridge, based on the temperature gradient in Chinese bridge gauge, using a finite element analysis (FEA) method was investigated. First of all, the temperature effect of the whole bridge was analyzed, and the correlation of the improved amplitude of temperature gradient and temperature effect were studied. It was found that there was a linear relationship with temperature stress and improved temperature. And then, the temperature effect of zero block was analyzed and the details of box girder temperature stress distribution investigated by utilizing the FEA method. It was concluded that temperature stress mainly distributed in the body surface; under the condition of the improvement of temperature field, the center temperature stress of zero block was improved about 60% and the end temperature stress of zero block was improved about 75%.

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