Mitra Mobin

Mitra Mobin | Editor

Affilation: Centro Universitário UNINOVAFAPI, Brazil

Full Degree in Biology by the Federal University of Piauí, Master in Biology of Fungi by the Federal University of Pernambuco, Specialization in Prevention and Control of Hospital Infections by the Faculty of Health Humanities and Technology of Piauí-NOVAFAPI and PhD in Sciences, by the Control Coordination Of Diseases - Secretary of State for Health - São Paulo. She is currently Full Professor1B of UNINOVAFAPI University Center in the areas of Dentistry, Biomedicine, Nutrition and Radiology. Has experience in the areas of Biosafety, Microbiology with an emphasis on Mycology. Currently, he guides research projects and graduation courses in different health disciplines. He is a reviewer in international journals (Journal of Mycologie Médicale, African Journal of Microbiology and Research, International Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism). Leader of the research group: Nucleus of Study and Research in Microbiology and Biosafety (NEPEMBIO) at UNINOVAFAPI; Member of the group Diseases caused by fungi: Aspects related to agent, environment and host of the Adolfo Lutz Institute - São Paulo.

Research Interest: Mycology, Microbiology, Natural Products, Public Health Biosafety