Copyright Policy

All the articles published in the journals of HSPC are Open Access and the Copyright for the articles are retained by the authors. The Copyright Policy elucidates the rights related to publication and circulation of an article. It exemplifies the rules related to the publishing, distributing and using the articles or eBooks by the publisher, authors and the general public/readers.

Under this policy, authors identifies HSPC as the original publisher to publish their article. The authors also grants rights to any third party to use the articles freely as long as its integrity is maintained and it is passed along unchanged and in whole, with credit to the author. The published articles can be shared by the original authors and other facilitators or readers equally however the end user license and a DOI link to the journal webpage which originally published the article must be clearly mentioned while circulating the article.

If unforeseen circumstances or government led regulation does not permit copyright to an author at the time of submission of the article or at any time during the article publication process, the corresponding author should inform the journal management team immediately about this issue so that copyright restoration according to the applicability can be done before the article publication. The authors should ensure that any issues related to Copyright must be discussed and clarified before the final publication of the article because once the article is finally published and uploaded on the journal webpage, any claim related to modification in the Copyright will not be considered by HSPC.

HSPC observes the Copyright policy as a medium to protect the rights of the authors in sharing, disseminating and maximizing the influence of their research works. The Copyright policy serves as an explicit shield for the manner in which an experiment or result is written and presented to the scientific community and general readers.

The policy terms and conditions are formalized with Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0. If you have any question related to the Copyright of an article published by HSPC, please mail us at [email protected].