Dimitrios  Pavlidis

Dimitrios Pavlidis | Editor

Affilation: Agriculutural University of Athens, Greece

Dimitrios Pavlidis is a highly self-motivated Food Scientist. He is a near-completion Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition of the Agricultural University of Athens, Greece. His research focuses on Food Microbiology and his thesis defense is expected to take place on December 2017. Regarding his teaching experience, he was for three Academic years (6 semesters) Laboratory Assistant in the courses of Food Microbiology I and Food Microbiology II in this University. In addition he had the opportunity to have under his supervision 3 thesis in topics related to his PhD. This helped him to practice my administrative skills together with my teaching activity.
As Ph.D. Candidate, he have been fortunate to assist experienced professors at Food Microbiology and generally in Food Science. This rewarding experience sharpened his desire to continue in this field and helped me develop the tools I needed to become an effective tutor
and researcher. Given that he have submitted lots of works at peer-reviewed scientific International and National conferences and he have already exposed myself to international audience, not only by delivering modules in English but also by presenting in international conferences. Regarding his work experience, he is practicing as Food Scientist since 2011. In his career he have had the opportunity to work in many scientific research projects, where he was appointed as researcher. His main duties included the experimental design, the laboratory work, the extraction and interpretation of the results and finally the interpretation of them in reports for the appropriate deliverables. This gave him the opportunity to expand his knowledge and his research interests and be able to transfer his scientific background and be able to write down scientific research projects for financing. Until now two of them are submitted in the Greek Government and two in International Organization. He is also in position to design experiments depending on the question to be answered. Furthermore, I have worked as an ISO auditor in an exportation company with seasonal fruits. This was a good experience for me, which show me the difference between company and University on how they face problems and conditions. Lastly, during his PhD he had the opportunity to cooperate with scientists from different fields of research and get into new sights of research, such as multivariate data analysis/bioinformatics. He had also the opportunity to supervise bachelor and master thesis students and projects, to set up their experiment to manage their work, to help them in the laboratory, to have some demonstrations on how to use the instruments and to supervise them. He also review their thesis. Dimitrios research interests are laid on Food Microbiology, microbiological analysis with conventional and molecular tools and effectiveness of selective media, instrumental food analysis based on spectral and chemical responses, such as FT-IR, multispectral image acquisition, Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry or GC linked with FID detector, High Performance Liquid Chromatography coupled with different detectors (PDA, FP) respectively. Furthermore, one of his abilities is the exportation and data analysis with multivariate statistical tools and methods. In many of his works he have applied so unsupervised as supervised chemometric methods. Also, under his interests is the sensorial analysis of raw and final products and the effect of quality parameters of foods to the consumers opinion. Moreover, Dimitrios has exposed myself in an international academic environment in a foreign lab and he had the opportunity to cooperate perfectly with foreign researchers and exchange experiences and knowledge related to the food science
As far as my character is concerned, I am a hard-worker, very-enthusiastic and in most of the cases I am the problem solver. Furthermore, I find it very constructive to cooperate with foreign colleagues and have team-work. I believe in my ideas and I am in position to advice other colleagues. All these years through my collaboration in research projects I became more responsible and I was in position to mange multi-task duties in small period of time.

Research Interest

Microbiology; Food Microbiology; Metabolomics; Volatilome; Microbiome; Metabolome; Biochemical Pathways; Instrumental Analysis; Spoilage - Safety; Quality Management.