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  • Jade Lindley
    Lecturer The University of Western Australia Australia
  • Scope of Title

    Description/Purpose of Special Issue: The scope of the special issue is to promote the diffusion of new knowledge and insight in the field of aquaculture. This issue takes into account the environmental, legal and socio-political aspects of aquaculture in ensuring sustainable and healthy farmed fish for human consumption. Methodological contributions, relevant case studies and short communications are invited that seek to foster an improved understanding of the nutritional benefits and risks of farmed fishing, exploring various species, locations and methods or practices of farming. It also seeks research exploring the future impacts on humans and the environment. As fish stocks are depleted from the oceans and other natural water systems, man-made methods of sustaining nutritional food across the globe is increasingly important.

    Potential topics of interest include (but are not limited to) the following:

    1. Discussion around points of contention as to the benefit of aquaculture as a nutritional food source compared to wild caught seafood.

    2. Factors preventing successful and sustainable aquaculture farms (pollution, water quality, political environment, financing).

    3. The nutritional, social and environmental impacts of aquaculture on artisanal and subsistence living.

    4. Methods to enhance fish stock and catch measurement tools to more accurately quantify rates of regeneration of stocks through farming practices to support consumption needs.

    5. Regulation of wild caught and farmed seafood to enable consumers to make informed choices.

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