Yen-Hui Lin

Yen-Hui Lin | Editor

Affilation: Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

Research Interest

My primary study included the design and implementation of fixed-biofilm process for simultaneous removal of multiple contaminants in industrial wastewater, and development of the kinetic model to simulate the performance of biofilm process. Recent research has emphasized on azo-dye decolorization in a biological activated carbon process and chromium(VI) bioreduction by E. coli 33456 on chitosan beads. Simultaneous removal of phenol and chromium(VI) in an anaerobic fixed-biofilm process was also investigated. A novel moving-fixed bed biofilm reactor was developed to remove organic carbon and ammonium-nitrogen simultaneously. The valuable biohydrogen production from food processing wastewater using newly developed high-rate anaerobic wastewater treatment technologies was conducted. Moreover, Conversion of CO2 into CH4 by methane-producing bacterium under a pressurized condition was evaluated in the batch tests. Bioleaching technologies have also applied to recover the heavy metals from industrial waste sludge by indigenous Acidithiobacilli. Current funded research projects include removal of textile wastewater by using fly ash-chitosan composite supporting media in fluidized-bed bioreactor and the removal of organic carbon and ammonium-nitrogen in leachate using fly ash-waste sludge-clay as a composite supporting medium in a oxic/anoxic biofilm reactor.