Mohamed A. Shaker

Mohamed A. Shaker | Editor

Affilation: Helwan University Cairo, Egypt

Research Interest

Biodegradable Polymer synthesis, structure, morphology, crystalline and amorphous polymers, polymer networks, mechanical properties and processing for controlled drug delivery. Creating new bioerodible-materials, polymeric matrix systems, polymers containing pendant drug substituents which will ultimately be absorbed by the body. Creating new approaches for delivering drugs across complex barriers in the body such as the blood-brain barrier, as they relate to the design of effective targeting formulations and emerging pharmaceutical technologies (e.g. nano/micro-engineering). Developing controlled release systems that can be osmotically triggered to increase release rates. Studying applications of these systems including the development of effective long-term delivery systems for cytokines. Investigating the mechanism of release from polymeric delivery systems with concomitant microstructural analysis and mathematical modeling. Strategies for using liposomes to target drugs to specific cells or organs and the new methods for producing liposomes.Technology of microencapsulation including coacervation, phase separation, polymerization, spray-drying, electrostatic methods, and air suspension approaches. Development of self-regulated delivery systems to the controlled release of drugs; approaches for achieving zero release kinetics.