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Recent Articles

2019-08-12 Research Article

Wound architectural analysis of 1.8mm microincision cataract surgery using spectral domain OCT

Purpose: Analyze Microincision Cataract surgery wound using Fourier-Domain optical coherence tomography.

Setting: Medical School of Medicine, Catholic University of Brasilia, Brasília, Brazil.

Design: Prospective c...

Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.ijceo.1001020 Citation

2019-08-22 Case Report

Unilateral retinitis pigmentosa: Case report and review of the literature

Significance: Due to the limited number of reported cases little is known about the characteristics of unilateral retinitis pigmentosa. Information from additional case reports can aid in learning more about the condition. We report a case of retinitis pigmentosa that has rema...

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2019-09-09 Research Article

An evaluation of visual outcome of corneal injuries in a tertiary care hospital

Background: Corneal injuries are significant contributors to blindness. Cornea being the most anterior structure of eye is exposed to various hazards like airborne debris and blunt trauma. By understanding different types of injuries to which cornea is exposed, the practitione...

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