Amedeo Amedei

Amedeo Amedei | Editor

Affilation: Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria Careggi, Italy

Amedeo Amedei (01.04.1971), on 1996 he graduated with full marks and honors in Biology at Florence University. He has started his career with a scholarship (1997-99) studying the role of T cells in various diseases (GVHD, atopic dermatitis, kidney rejection). From 2000 to 2002 he has examined the mechanisms that regulate the gastric chronic inflammatory process; in detail, the role of specific immune response versus Helicobacter pylori in gastric diseases (gastritis, ulcer, maltoma, gastric cancer). On 2003 began his doctor's degree in "Clinical and Sperimental Medicine" and  collaborated on the regional project " Stem cells and immune-therapy of cancer". In March 2005 becomes scientific researcher, and since November 2015  he has been working as an at Department of Experimental and Clinical Medicine (University of Florence). In the last years, he has focused his scientific interests on the cancer and in detail, the anti-cancer immune response and the role of cancer microenvironment. Recently, he  became a member of the team of researchers involved in the project world "Halifax Project". The project involves about 300 international researchers, divided into two working groups. A task force is focused on advanced cancer treatments. The second task force is focused on the carcinogenic potential of exposure to low doses of mixtures of chemicals in the environment. The data have produced 11 papers for the important cancer journal “Carcinogenesis” (I.F. = 5.334) and 12 articles for the prestigious scientific journal “Seminars in Cancer Biology” (I. F= 9.330). The Dr. Amedei is coauthor of all 23 manuscripts.  The his scientific production is composed of 117 peer reviewed articles (2,919 Citations and Impact Point: 600.19), 6 book chapters and one patent (WO/2007/039451). At present, he is serving as an editorial board member of 34 reputed journals and reviewer of 41 international journals. To date the Dr. Amedei has been granted various grants as principal investigator. For more details about the scientific production