Volume 1 Issue 1

2017-07-11 Research Article

Pure Erythroid Leukemia: The Sole Acute Erythroid Leukemia


Pure Erythroid Leukemia (PEL) is an aggressive and exceedingly rare form of acute leukemia. In the 2008 WHO classification PEL was one of the subtypes of acute erythroid leukemia the other subtype being erythroleukemia (erythroid/ myeloid). In the 2016 WHO classification update, erythroleukemia was merged into myelodysplastic syndrome and PEL now is the only type of acute erythroid leukemia.106 cases of acute myeloid leukemia were diagnosed in 28 months in children’s hospital Lahore and PEL constituted 0.94%. Diagnosis of PEL is made by the bone marrow morphology showing predominant Immature erythroid precursors (proerythroblastic or undifferentiated), Periodic Acid- Schiff staining and immunophenotyping. In PEL no specific genetic mutations have been described but complex karyotypes and TP53 mutations are frequently noted. Future collaborative studies to identify the molecular defects will contribute to the development of targeted therapies that might improve the prognosis.

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Recent Articles

2020-04-13 Research Article

The alterations effects in phosphorus of erythropoietin and U-74389G

C Τsompos, C Panoulis, A Triantafyllou, CG Zografos, K Tsarea, M Karamperi and A Papalois

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2020-04-03 Review Article

Novel European Asiatic Clinical, Laboratory, Molecular and Pathobiological (2015-2020 CLMP) criteria for JAK2V617F trilinear polycythemia vera (PV), JAK2exon12 PV and JAK2V617F, CALR and MPL515 thrombocythemias: From Dameshek to Constantinescu-Vainchenker, Kralovics and Michiels

Jan Jacques Michiels*, King H Lam, Fibo Ten Kate, Dong-Wook Kim, Myungshin Kim, Vasily Shuvaev, Francisca Valster, Vincent Potters, Wilfried Schroyens, Mihaela Andreescu, Adrian Trifa, Achille Pich and Hendrik De Raeve

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2019-11-11 Research Article

Correlation of plasma protein from MDS, young and elderly patients by SDS-page

Nathanielly de Lima Silva, Danilo Nobre, Josiel Nascimento dos Santos, Márcia Santos Rezende, Lúcio Henrique Sousa Pinheiro, Carlos Arthur Cardoso Almeida and Dulce Marta Schimieguel*

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2019-08-16 Letter to the Editor

Serum MicroRNA-155 in Acute Graft-Versus-Host-Disease (aGVHD)

Yvonne A Efebera*, Amy S Ruppert, Apollinaire Ngankeu, Sabrina Garman, Prasanthi Kumchala, Alan Howard, Steven M Devine, Parvathi Ranganathan and Ramiro Garzon

Abstract Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.ijbmr.1001007 Citation

2019-06-21 Research Article

Bone marrow histology in CALR mutated thrombocythemia and myelofi brosis: results from two cross sectional studies in 70 newly diagnosed JAK2/MPL wild type thrombocythemia patients

Jan Jacques Michiels*, Yonggoo Kim, Myungshin Kim, Francisca Valster, Vincent Potters, Zwi Berneman, Alain Gadisseur, Wilfried Schroyens and Hendrik De Raeve

Abstract Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.ijbmr.1001006 Citation