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Submitral Ventricular Pseudoaneurysm: Unusual and Late Complication of Cardiac Surgery

Marzia Cottini*, Amedeo Pergolini, Giordano Zampi, Vitaliano Buffa, Paolo Giuseppe Pino, Federico Ranocchi, Riccardo Gherli, De Marco Marina, Carlo Contento*, Myriam Lo Presti, Francesco Musumeci

Published: 01/21/2017 | Volume 1 - Issue 1 | Pages: 001-004


Despite the background of advances in cardiac surgery procedures for higher risk population, the postoperative complication has already been a challenge for cardiac surgeon and Heart-Team. Future perspectives to exceed this challenge could be periodically patient’s follow up and advance diagnostic workup. We describe the diagnosis of a large sub mitral left Ventricle Pseudoaneurysm that was identified in a 59-year-old woman 17 years after she underwent aortic and mitral valve replacement for rheumatic valvular disease. 

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