Saleh Abdullah AlAbdulhadi

Saleh Abdullah AlAbdulhadi | Editor

Affilation: Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia

AL-ABDULHADI, SALEH ABDULLAH, medical genetic, consultant and assistant professor; PhD in Medical Molecular Genetic, U. Aberdeen, Eng., 2005. I served as Dept. head clinical. Support services. Saad Hospital ., Khubar, Eastern, Saudi Arabia, 2005–07, cons.
Assistant Professor, Tabouk University, assistant professor and consultant medical genetic, department of medical laboratory science , prince Sattam bin abdulaziz university2011-present, and i am a vice-dean for quality and development. Founder and chairman of medical genetic unite. I wane Young Investigation award, 2003 from ERS. I published a book in Amazon "Role of Genetic Polymorphisms: In Chemokine Pathway in Asthma and Atopy". Research activity, including genetic epidemiology, genetic of congenital malformation, PGD , genetic of asthma . Avocations: swimming, reading, travel. Home: Prince.

Research Interest

Genetic epidemiology, Genetic of congenital malformation, PGD, Genetic of asthma.