Takaki Ishikawa

Takaki Ishikawa | Editor-in-Chief


Department of Legal Medicine, Osaka City University Medical School, Japan, E-mail: legalmed@med.osaka-cu.ac.jp; Tel: +81-6-6645-3765; Fax: +81-6-6634-3871


Practical and research activity: Dr Ishikawa is an expert in forensic pathology and toxicology; his primary specialty is in clinical forensic pathology. He has participated in medico-legal examination of approximately 4000 cases, including cases of natural death, traffic accidents, assaults, sexual abuse, child abuse, drunk driving accidents, and torture. Dr Ishikawa’s current research focuses on forensic endocrinology and pathological evaluation of various stress responses. His work includes exhumation of remains and bodies surreptitiously disposed as well as collection of trace materials in clinical cases and autopsies. In addition, Dr Ishikawa currently works as an editorial board member of numerous international forensic/legal medicine and clinical journals.