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Frequently Asked Questions

Heighten Science Publication's FAQs provides value in several different ways. It preempts patron concerns through specific questions, allowing readers, authors and all the visitors of our website to acquaint themselves with our policies, guidelines and whereabouts of manuscripts publication process.


- What is unique about Heighten Science Publication?
+ What is Heighten Science Publication Open Access?
+ What type of articles do Heighten Science publishes?
+ What is an Impact Factor (IF)?
+ What is meant by citation?
+ What is DOI?
+ How long does it take in the publication process of a manuscript?
+ Do we charge for a manuscript submission?
+ Why an author has to pay manuscript publication processing charges?
+ When should an author pay the manuscript publication processing charges?
+ Do we have any Authorship Agreement under pre-publication process?
+ What are the charges for publishing a manuscript?
+ Does Heighten Science Publication provide any schemes for the authors who cannot afford the publication charges?
+ When the authors' should ask for the publication charges waiver?
+ What if the manuscript is not published after an author pays the publication processing charge?
+ Can the author cancel the publication?
+ Do Heighten Science Publication provide any reprint service?
+ Does Heighten Science Publication impose any copyright restrictions?
+ Does Heighten Science Publication prescribe any reference format for citations?