Process Flow Diagram

Duties of Special Issue Editor/Guest Editor

  1. A Special Issue editor is entitled to make final decision regarding acceptance and rejection of manuscripts.
  2. Please provide a URL which displays your professional details and photograph. The URL provided should not be of any publication websites.
  3. The special issue editors have to furnish the following details mandatorily to the editorial office, such as Name, University, Country, Photograph, active E-mail id, Contact Number and Fax number.
  4. Please provide us with potential authors list. If such a list is not provided to us, then you should come up with a proto-type plan for releasing the issue and forward the same to us for further pursuance.
  5. We expect you to submit at least one manuscript for the special issue from your end.
  6. Special issue requires minimum of ten articles and you should plan accordingly.
  7. The responsibility for undertaking smooth peer review process rests with you. If you encounter any problem in finding the concerned experts for review, you can always ask the editorial office for assistance.
  8. You are entitled to decide the deadline for the submissions and release of the special issue. But it requires final approval from the editorial office. The finalized deadline should be adhered to without fail.
  9. Please note that the maximum permissible time limit for the release of one special issue is 60 days.
  10. The responsibility to promote and increase the visibility of the special issue rests with you. You should spread the word about the issue among your colleagues and guest editors.
  11. It is important to maintain the standards and quality for the published work. Special Issue Editor is required to perform rigorous check process to achieve the aforesaid.
  12. In a scenario of change in your job location or any other details furnished by you to the editorial office, you are required to intimate editorial office about the change within a period of 24 hours.

Please send the details on the suggested special issue title in following format:

1. Special Issue Title:
2. Description/Purpose of Special Issue:
3. Outlines of special issue:
A. Origin:
B. Structure:
C. Convictions:
D. Advantages/Disadvantages:
E. Futuristic scope of the title:
Please send the above details for every suggested special issue titles in your own words.

Privileges to the Special Issue Editor/Guest Editor

Privileges, on request:

  1. Heighpubs gives complete freedom and flexibility to the Lead Guest Editor and he/she can customize his profile on the website as per his/her choice.
  2. He/She can publish first article with complete publication fee waiver (provided he/she lacks funding). The Editor will be entitled to receive reasonable discounts for the second and subsequent articles.
  3. If an article is submitted with your reference, then we will provide substantial discounts for publishing that article.
  4. We will provide you certification for handling Special Issue and you will also be entitled to get Scientific Credits.
  5. If articles published in Special Issue generate revenue then you will be paid incentives for successful release of the Special Issue.
  6. After successfully fulfilling the responsibilities of Special Issue, the Lead Guest Editors may be promoted to the designation of Editor-in-Chief.
  7. As a Special Editor you are eligible to receive one hard copy of the published Special Issue. But, you will have to request formally in this regard to obtain the copy.
  8. The Lead Guest Editor gets an opportunity to interact with scientific fraternity across the world. This gives him a chance to share his expertise and learn from new researchers and scientists.

Heighpubs Special Issue has many benefits:

  1. Special Issue enjoys good visibility as it is available free on internet. Any internet user can read, download, copy, distribute and share full texts of the manuscripts.
  2. The articles published under Special Issues enjoy Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0 International License.
  3. Heighpubs Special Issue provides a lucrative opportunity for authors to act as a Guest Lead Editor.
  4. After successfully fulfilling the responsibilities of Special Issue, the Lead Guest Editors may be promoted to the designation of Editor-in-Chief. Heighpubs respects intellectual integrity of all the Lead and Guest Editors and provides ‘CERTIFICATION OF HONOUR’ to them.
  5. Heighpubs take care of archiving each of the published articles. This makes sure that the articles can be accessed permanently. For more information about archiving and indexing of article, please visit our website.
  6. We promote all the published manuscripts on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.