Published e-Books

Our eBooks anchorage all the subject areas in science, technology, medicine, business, management, social sciences and humanities domains. The eBooks assists academic professionals, researchers and scholars in research and learning different concepts at their ease.

In this digital age, publication of your eBooks is a suitable medium to deliver quality content and information to the next generation of professionals.

eBook publication advantages

  1. Interactivity and customization: eBooks publication process is an interactive process where both the authors and publisher equally participate for rapid publication times, and enhanced and customized reader experience.
  2. Global exposure: Our eBooks publication team ensures that your book gets global exposure and hosting in prominent social media platforms after publication. In this way your scientific work gets the deserved citation and becomes a part of references for various ongoing research in the whole world.
  3. Easy submission – The submission process for the eBooks is quite easy. You can directly submit your eBooks/chapters for evaluation to our editorial office as an attachment to the email- . After successful submission, you will get immediate information about receipt of eBook and further process details.
  4. Peer Review Process – The submitted eBooks are thoroughly reviewed by the subject experts. In order to maintain the unbiased evaluation, the eBooks review is a double-blinded process where the anonymity of authors and reviewers are retained from each other.
  5. Open Access facility- On demand of authors, eBooks can be published in open access so that the content can be downloaded with potential to reach a larger audience of readers.
  6. Archiving in multiple formats- To facilitate archiving and preservation of your eBooks, we generate different metadata versions such as PDF, HTML and XML formats. The hard copy prints for eBooks are also available on demand.
  7. Licensing rights- All eBooks will be published under Creative Commons (CC-BY) 4.0 license. Also all the published eBooks will be provided with ISBN and DOI.

eBooks composition guidelines for Authors

The following guidelines will help you to develop and submit an accurate and focused eBook-

1. How to submit?

The whole eBook or individual chapter(s) must be submitted as a zipped folder containing soft copies of all the materials in MS word. The figures/illustrations, tables, and equations should be submitted as separate files.

Authors are suggested to submit a PDF version too for the complete eBook or individual chapter(s) with figures, tables, structures etc. in the correct places.

2. Which language to use?

The eBooks are published in English (American or U.K. spelling) only. For an author who belongs to a non-English speaking country, we provide language editing services at subsidized rates. If an author wishes to publish a book in a language other than English, he/she should translate the book in English before submission.

For language editing and translation services, the authors can contact

3. Is the eBook in proper order?

Authors are advised that before submission they should check that mathematical symbols, Greek letters, equations, tables, references, and images are in proper order and format.

4. Structure of eBook

The authors should be attentive and thoughtful while structuring and assembling the eBook. The  eBook should be arranged in following manner:

  1. Title page
  2. Authors details (Please indicate ‘Corresponding’ author with an asterisk[*])
  3. Abstract
  4. Keywords
  5. Introduction
  6. Materials and methods
  7. Results
  8. Discussion
  9. Conclusion
  10. Acknowledgements
  11. References
  12. Figures with legends
  13. Tables with legends.
eBooks Peer-Review Process

Your eBooks will undergo stringent peer-review process. The review process will help in authenticating your research work prior to publication. It will also help in maintaining ethical standards in scientific publications as well as establishing a trust among the readers that we publish honest works.

It is mandatory that all eBooks, prior to their publication, are subjected to peer-review. This is an essential step in the publication decision making process. All review reports are presented to an advisory board that ultimately decides on whether the book is suitable for publication.

Our eBooks follow ‘Double-blinded’ Peer-Review process. In this process, the anonymity of authors and reviewers are observed In order to maintain the unbiased evaluation. The submitted eBooks are thoroughly reviewed by the subject experts. Each eBook chapters are send to reviewers who are experts in the scientific or technical domain of the eBook. The eBook editor(s) as well as author(s) should declare any ‘conflicts of interest’ at the time of eBook submission. Before sending the eBook/chapters to reviewer(s), we seek consent of potential reviewers about their availability and willingness to review. The reviewers are required to send their observations filled out in the customized review form. The Editor-in-Chief or eBooks advisory Board for a subject area will eventually reach a decision whether or not to publish a book based on the reviewer’s comments and recommendations. The Advisory Board will also assess the book’s excellence, originality and quality of the content.

eBooks processing charges

The upfront charge for processing and publishing a single open access eBook is as follows:

Pages Charges
<=25 75 USD per page
25 to 50 50 USD per page
51 to 100 25 USD per page
101 onwards 20 USD per page

For translation, the charges are 30 USD per page.

For language editing, the charges are 15 USD per page.

The charges include the costs required for proof-reading, colour effects, Cover preparation, ISBN assignment, DOI, and maintenance of the eBooks online.

Please note that there are no charges for submission and final publication of eBooks.

Send your eBooks or any query in this regard to: