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Fifth “dark” force completely change our understanding of the universe

For something that’s literally as old as the universe, dark matter doesn’t get much attention outside scientific circles. Maybe that’s because, other than a short-lived SyFy series and a late-period Randy Newman album, this nebulous star stuff has had a tough time breaking th...

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Naphazoline nitrate treat the Frey effect of microwave and other sonic weapon’s damages in Human’s Internal, Endogenous Organs

State Department had evacuated a number of Americans from the U.S. consulate in Guangzhou, China after they experienced unexplained health issues. A group of U.S. diplomats stationed in China have been brought back to the states after being inflicted by a mystery illness that reportedly

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A Further Example Showing Efficiency of a Modeling Method Based on the Theory of Dynamic Systems in Pharmacokinetics

Aims: To present a further example showing an efficiency of a modeling method based on the theory of dynamic systems in pharmacokinetics.

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