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Diseases of the mental sphere revealed by the psychiatrist at contingent of patients of the consultative outpatient admission

Introduction: The problem of protecting and strengthening the mental health of the population is the most important task of ensuring the socioeconomic well-being of the Komi Republic (RK) as an integral part of the Russian Federation (RF), since it is a key resource for the de...

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Moving space-matter as the basis of the intelligence in the Physical World

The concept of space-matter motion in the new Cartesian physics, based on the identity of space and matter, creates the basis for the study of consciousness as the action of the brain in space inside and outside itself and offers a way of materialistic explanation of life on Earth.

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Peculiarities of photon emisson of whole non-diluted human blood obtained from healthy donors and patients with some diseases

Blood plays an important role in oxygen absorption and its transfer to organs and tissues in vertebrates, as well as in a number of invertebrate species. Numerous interactions between cellular and non-cellular blood
components constantly occur. A special role in these interactions belo...

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Influence of Histidine on the contractility and adrenaline inotropic effect in the experiments with myocardium of right ventricular of Non pregnant and Pregnant Rats

It was investigated contractility and adrenoreactivity of intact myocardium strips of right ventricular in experiment with 60 rats. They were assessed by the force of induce contraction and its changes under the influence of adrenaline (10-9 or 10-5 g / ml).

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Endogenous sensitizer of beta-adrenergic receptors (ESBAR) and its analogs (review)

The results of the 20 years studies of the presence in blood serum and other body fluids of endogenous modulators of adrenergic and M-cholinergic impact as a component of humoral link of autonomic nervous system.

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Gravitation - Flat Power Field

A new principle of origin and the nature of the action of gravity forces are proposed. Forces of universal attraction have plane-symmetrical directions. On this basis, it becomes possible to reconsider certain regularities in natural science.

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Application of the Pyphagor’s Theorem for Correction of Ki and Ka constants of enzyme inhibition and activation

The analysis of dependence of the length projection of Li vectors of biparametrical inhibited and activated (La) enzymatic reactions from the length projection of vectors of monoparametrical inhibited and activated enzymatic reactions on the basic....

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Finite-time thermodynamics: Realizability domains of thermodynamic systems and P. Salamon’s problem of efficiency corresponding to maximum power output of the system

The paper analyses performance boundaries of systems converting the heat energy into the mechanical or separation work. Authors approach this problem from the view-point of the finitetime thermodynamics. Using thermodynamic balance equations, authors provide the algorithm for calculation of re...

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High energy HF (DF) lasers

Non-chain HF (DF) lasers are the most suitable and ecologically safe source of powerful and energetic coherent radiation in the 2.6-3.1 cm (HF laser) and 3.5-4.1 cm (DF laser) spectral regions. Among the different methods of HF (DF) pulse and pulseperiodic laser creation suggested by our team ...

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TMD and pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a happy stage in life of every woman, but at the same time it is a rather difficult period, since pregnancy represents a serious strain on the body. In the body of a woman during this period there are significant physiological changes that ensure the correct development of the fet...

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For professionals working on the topic of cochlear implantation: Opinions of readers of “Instruction” and participants of MIMIC

To facilitate understanding some issues of cochlear implantation for new beginners we wrote 1- “The Instruction for audiologists and cochlear implanted patients” and created 2-Demo-program MIMIC. Here are opinions of readers of “The Instruction” and pa...

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Alcohol-related poisonings in Russia: Obfuscated facts

The problem of the alcohol misuse in Russia is well known; but there is a tendency to exaggerate it, which seems to be used to disguise shortages of the healthcare and public assistance.

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The effects of alcohol taxation and pricing policies on vodka sales in Russia

Background: The majority of aggregate econometric studies indicate that higher taxes and real prices on alcohol significantly reduce the alcohol consumption.

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Practical implementation of the SWEEP-session of Stimulation- Registration in CI fitting

Levels of electrically evoked stapedial reflex thresholds (eESRTs) are frequently used as most comfortable levels (MCL) in cochlear implant fitting. The problem of routine one-channel-technique of refl exometry is long duration of this procedure.

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Experimental ‘hindbrain related’ syringomyelia: some mechanisms of spinal cord damage

Syringomyelia in combination with inherent or acquired hindbrain abnormalities is the non seldom and at the same time controversial issue. Purpose: The etiology and pathogenesis creates a lot of discussion.

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The influence of Infliximab on the development of Experimental Pancreatitis

Aim: To identify the possibility of correction of motor function of the gastro-intestinal tract in experimental pancreatitis with the administration of infliximab.

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Sense and antisense Oligodeoxynucleotides to Glun1 Nmdar are Cognitive Enhancers (Nootropics) and protective agents in normal and ischemic (Anoxic) conditions-In vitro study

Aims: Implication of modified N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors (NMDAR)  in synaptic plasticity and learning was investigated in normal and pathological conditions

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Features of Interferon and Cytokine Status in Atopic Dermatitis

The insufficiency of interferon production and the cytokine imbalance in patients with atopic dermatitis, especially in combination with persistent herpes virus infection, has been identified. The expediency of the use of interferon inducer Cycloferon in the treatm...

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Associations of Burnout, Secondary Traumatic Stress and Individual Differences among Correctional Psychologists

Objective: The aim of the present study was to examine associations between secondary traumatic stress (ST), job burnout (BO) and several psychological variables such as world assumptions and locus of control in correctional psychologists.

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