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Lifestyle Diseases and the Hair Growth Cycle: A multidisciplinary approach using Nourkrin® with Marilex®, a proteoglycan replacement therapy, for anagen induction and maintenance

Multiple studies have investigated the relationship between androgenetic alopecia and cardiovascular disease, including studies that have identified elevated rates of cardiovascular disease in patients with vertex hair loss,

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Brain changes in Hypothermia: Surface-versus Core-cooling in pigs

The process of hypothermia in the clinical setting has been practiced for 50 years and is known for its neuroprotective properties. This paper describes histopathological changes either by an ice sludge mimicking accidental hypothermia (S-group n=7) or by endovascular core-cooling (C-group n=7...

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Unrecognized myocardial infarction in the elderly

This study presents the frequency of old myocardial infarctions (OMI), and the frequency of unrecognized myocardial infarction (UMI) in elderly people in a forensic material. It was also examined if predisposing factors
of UMI could be identified.

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