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Complications of Internal jugular catheters in haemodialysis patients at a kidney care center in Nigeria

Internal jugular vein catheters (IJC) is recommended as the central venous access of choice in haemodialysis patients. However it is associated with complications of variable severity.

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Maternal mortality and factors affecting it, among pregnant women in Abeokuta South, Nigeria

This observational study assessed the knowledge of pregnant women attending antenatal clinics at two selected hospitals in Abeokuta South, Nigeria on the causes and risk factors of maternal mortality, identifi ed barriers to knowledge acquisition, and examined the infl uence of
parity ...

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Demographic survey and management outcome of Post-Neonatal Tetanus at the Ekiti state university teaching hospital, Ado Ekiti

Background: Tetanus continues to threaten the survival of children in spite of it being a vaccine preventable disease. The objective of this study was to determine the prevalence of post-neonatal tetanus, review the vaccination of affected children, complications encountered a...

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Topical Management of chronic rhinosinusitis - A literature review

Chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS) is an inflammatory condition involving nasal passages and the paranasal sinuses for 12 weeks or longer [1]. It can be subdivided into three types: CRS with nasal polyposis (CRS with NP), CRS without nasal polyposis (CRS without NP), and Allergic fungal rhinosinusit...

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The pattern of blood pressure and renal function among children with Sickle Cell Anaemia presenting in a tertiary health institution in Nigeria

Background: In sickle cell anemia (SCA), compromise of the renal vasculature due to sickled red cells has been recognized.
Objectives: To assess the renal function and blood pressure pattern in children with sickle cell anaemia (SCA) presenting in a te...

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Challenges of haemodialysis: A single centre experience in South West Nigeria

Background: Haemodialysis is the commonest method of Renal Replacement Therapy in Nigeria. Despite an advancement in the technicality and better understanding of haemodialysis, a number of complications are known to be associated with this procedure.

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Lemongrass tea consumption and changes in Acid-Base Balance and Electrolyte homeostasis

The consumption of dietary herbs and supplements may be associated with several physiological consequences including, but not limited to disturbances of acid-base homeostasis, minerals and electrolytes wasting, gastrointestinal disturbances as well as hemodynamic changes. Plants food based nut...

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Outcome of Trabeculectomy in Advanced Glaucoma in a tertiary hospital in Rivers State, Nigeria

Aim: To evaluate the outcome of Trabeculectomy in advanced glaucoma in a hospital in Rivers State, Nigeria.

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Evaluation of Clupeids and Danish fish meal based diets on the growth of African catfish, Clarias gariepinus fingerlings

Two experimental feeding trials were conducted concurrently to study the growth response of African catfish Clarias gariepinus fi ngerlings to graded levels (0, 5, 10, 15 or 20%) of clupeids in
Danish fi sh meal (DFM) based diets.

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Micronutrient deficiency, a novel nutritional risk factor for insulin resistance and Syndrom X

Emerging evidence indicates that micronutrient deficiency could play a significant role in the pathogenesis and progression of many chronic diseases including diabetes mellitus, hypertension,
obesity, dyslipidemia, hyperuricemia, kidney disease, cancer, anemia and other cardio-metaboli...

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Is community based case detection of glaucoma relevant? Intraocular Pressure level and vertical Cup Disc ratio of participants at a screening programme in a rural setting in Nigeria

To determine the proportion of participants with elevated intraocular pressure and abnormal vertical cup disc ratio in a glaucoma screening event in a rural community in Nigeria.

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A Review on filaricidal activity of phytochemical extracts against filariasis and the Parasites Genomic Diversity

Filariasis is one of the Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) known to be of serious public health importance and pose devastating socio-economic burden especially among the poor people in tropical and subtropical countries of the world.

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Effects of Balanites Aegyptiaca (del) Seed Cake on Growth and Carcass Performance of Growing Rabbit

A study on growth and carcass performance was conducted to evaluate the effect of Balanites aegyptiaca seed cake meal (BASCM) as a substitute for groundnut cake in the diet of growing rabbit.

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The Impact of Adenotonsillectomy on Health-Related Quality of Life in Paediatric Patients

Objective: To determine the impact of Adenotonsillectomy on Health-related quality of life (HRQoL) in children’s before and after surgery.

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Anti-anxiety effects in mice following acute administration of Ficus Thonningii (wild fig)

The effect of acute administration of ethanol extract of F. thoningii on anxiety and fear in Swiss white mice was studied. 30 adult Swiss white mice of both sexes were randomly divided in to three groups of 10 mice each. Group1 served as the control and was administered normal saline

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Role of the Kidneys in the Regulation of Intra-and Extra-Renal Blood Pressure

Hypertension is one of the most common chronic diseases of human, affecting more than one billion people worldwide. When it becomes chronic, hypertension leaves behind cardiac hypertrophy, heart failure, stroke, and kidney disease, resulting in substantial morbidity and mortality.

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Research Article

Pathological Effects of Cypermethrin on the Testes and Accessory Sexual Glands of Yankasa Rams

An investigation into the pathological lesions of Cypermethrin on the testes, accessory sexual and pituitary glands of Yankasa rams was carried out. Sixteen Yankasa rams aged 18 - 30 months and weighing between
21.5 - 46.5kg were used.

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Evaluation of the effects of Leech Salivary Extract (LSE) on Haematological parameters in Rats

The effects of Leech Salivary Extract (LSE) on some haematological, immunological and organ weight parameters in rats, during a twenty eight days oral administration of 25, 50 and 100 mg/kg body weight doses,
was investigated. LD50 and sub chronic toxicity was determined using standard...

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Development and quality evaluation of Jam from Watermelon (Citrullus Lanatus) and Pawpaw (Carica Papaya) juice

The seasonal nature of most fruits available in the market coupled with inadequate storage and processing facilities has limited their consumption by majority of the people in the country.

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Chemical composition and organoleptic properties of Cocoyam starch-wheat fl our blend noodles

Noodles are strips or strands cut from a sheet of dough made from flour, water and either common salt or a mixture of alkaline salt.

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Administration of Non- Pharmachologic Intervention in the control of Hypertension among selected volunteer retirees in Awka Metropolis Anambra State Nigeria

High blood pressure under medical palance is associated with a variety of circulatory diseases, and it has been estimated that over 12% of all deaths in the world is directly or remotely connected with hypertension.

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Perception of Nutrition and Exercise as a Tool in Controlling Cardiovascular Diseases among the Elderly in Anambra State

The research investigated the perception of nutrition and exercise as a tool in controlling Cardiovascular Diseases (CVDs) among elderly civil servants in Anambra State of Nigeria.

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Case Report

Enclosure asphyxia as a cause of death in 3 Nigerian children trapped at the boot of car-Case reports and review of literature

The paper reviews enclosure asphyxia as a cause of death of three Nigerian children aged three years, five years and seven years respectively, who were found dead and locked in the boot of a Mercedes Benz 200E Sedan car a day after they were declared missing.

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Effect of Pre-Treatments and Drying Methods on the Chemical Quality and Microbial Density of Wild Edible Oyster Mushroom

This study was carried out to evaluate the effect of pretreatments and drying methods on the chemical quality and microbial density of wild edible oyster mushroom. The mushroom samples were pretreated by steeping in 0.5% citric and sodium metabisulphite at room temperature for 10 minutes befor...

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Anti-nutrient and mineral properties of Complementry Food produced from Malted Red Sorgum and Defatted Soybean Flour Blend

This study was aimed at producing a high nutritious food that will meet the nutritional requirements of consumers. Blends of malted red sorghum and defatted soybeans flour were processed and the resulting flours were formulated at ratios of 100:00; 95:5; 90:10 and 80:20 (malted red sorghum: ...

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Effect of drying methods on the physicochemical properties and Fatty Acid composition of Moringa Seeds Oil

Effect of drying methods (sun-drying and cabinet oven drying) on the physicochemical properties and fatty acid composition of oils extracted from moringa seeds was investigated. Oil from the seeds was extracted using solvent (hexane) after drying. Drying increased the yield from 30.30-33.11%.<...

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Effect of storage period on the quality characteristics of two varieties of African Mango Seed Flour at ambient temperature

The effects of storage of Ogbona seed fl our (Irivingia gabonensis and Irivingia excelsa), at ambient condition (30±20C, 65-74% RH) for 0-4 months on some physical characteristics were investigated. The samples were subjected to storage in air tight polyethylene bags for up to four mont...

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Comparison of Vitreous Protein Profiles of Rabbits subjected to Acute Carbon Monoxide poisoning and normal animal after death

Acute carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning is caused by the inhalation of large quantity of CO within short time leading to morbidity and mortality. In this study, a total of eighteen (18) rabbits were divided into three (3) groups of six (6) animals each. 

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Use of Hand Rehabilitation Board (Dominic’s Board) in Post Traumatic/Stroke Rehabilitation of the Upper Limbs

In recent years, the increasing number of patients with upper limb musculoskeletal disorders seeking timely, intensive, prolonged and task oriented hospital- and home- based physical rehabilitation, and the decreasing numbers of trained therapist to provide the needed care, have left a palpabl...

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Changes in Serum Markers of Atherogenesis and Hematological Profile after the consumption of Quail eggs

Previous studies suggest that diets with more eggs than is recommended may be used as part of a healthy diet in some countries. However, whether quail egg diets could form part of such diet has not been explored. The aim of the present study is to evaluate the effect of quail egg consumption o...

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