Case Report

Mesenteric cysts: A rare case

Mesenteric cysts are rare benign intra-abdominal tumors with an incidence of 1 case per 250,000 hospital admission. This lesion occurs most frequently in women in the reproductive period.The etiology of such cysts remains unknown but several theories regarding their development exist. Most of ...

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Investigation and analysis of fracture failure and fatigue cracking in Highrise pavement using simulation software of ABAQUS

Assuming that the road infrastructure has been implemented in accordance with specifications and standards, poor adhesion between the two layers of asphalt mix can be a significant cause of pavement problems. The general problem observed with the weak adhesion between the layers is the slip fa...

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A qualitative method for determining the surfaces between asphalt layers using ABAQUS software

The analytical models are mainly combined with numerical equations for the problems of the pavement under the wheel load. Different assumptions can be considered, such as elastic asphalt and viscoelastic as well as static or dynamic load. Mainly on deformation at the bottom of asphalt and tens...

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Can bloodstream infection be predicted by nasal culture in hemodialysis patients?

The blood and drainage cultures are suggested for early diagnosis of bloodstream infection (BSI), which are time consuming and laborious. Nasal colonization of bacteria is one of the modalities, occasionally can predict BSI. We hypothesized that nasal culture, as an accessible fluid may be hel...

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The role of genetic mutations in genes LMNA, PPARG, PLIN1, AKT2, CIDEC in Kobberling–Dunnigan Syndrome

Kobberling-Dunnigan syndrome, also known as partial familial lipodystrophy, is a rare genetic disorder characterized by abnormal distribution of adipose tissues. Many people with Kobberling-
Dunnigan syndrome develop insulin resistance, a condition in which body tissues cannot adequate...

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Phylogenetic analysis of metalloprotease from transcriptome of venom gland of Hemiscorpius lepturus

Hemiscorpius lepturus is a dangerous scorpion and referred to health concern issue in Khuzestan, Iran. The venom of H.lepturus is cytotoxic and its effect is similar to spider Loxosceles reclusa. Metalloproteinases are the important class of enzymes in the venom that has hemorrhagic

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Relationship between Fetuin-A and vascular or valvular calcification in hemodialysis patients

Purpose: Deficiency of Fetuin A, as a calcifi cation inhibitor, is assumed to be involved in vascular calcification in patients on maintenance hemodialysis (MHD). This study examined the relationship between serum Fetuin-A and vascular and valvular calcifi cation in a cohort o...

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Allergic Asthma and Sick building syndrome

Asthma is a complicated chronic disease of airway and airway inflammation, bronchoconstriction, cough, dyspnea and wheezing that are main symptoms of the asthma. Genetic, epigenetic and environmental agents are main factors in pathophysiology of the asthma.

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Review Article

Synthetic Animal: Trends in Animal Breeding and Genetics

Synthetic biology is an interdisciplinary branch of biology and engineering. The subject combines various disciplines from within these domains, such as biotechnology, evolutionary biology, molecular biology, systems biology, biophysics, computer engineering, and genetic engineering.

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Case Report

A Three approach at one stage to surgical management of Cervical Spondyloptosis after Failed Primary anterior fusion

A 35-year-old female, known case of complete spinal cord injury, presented with cervical pain and neck deformity that interfere with her physiotherapy and occupational therapy. Two years before admission, she had a car accident which result in a complete quadriplegia.

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Recent findings related to Nutrition and Diabetes Mellitus

Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass surgery is superior to medical treatment for short- to medium-term remission of Type 2 diabetes (T2DM) [1]. Recent research indicates that the improvements in insulin sensitivity following bariatric surgery are associated with elevated circulating bile acid concentrati...

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Mini Review

HIV-1 Immune evasion: The main obstacle toward a successful vaccine

It is estimated that there are 36.9 million individuals living with HIV-1 from who 21.7 million patients receiving antiretroviral therapy (ART) [1,2]. ART has had a significant effect on the patients’ quality of life recently, however, its global coverage declines to 16-35% in low or mid...

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Effectiveness of the lifestyle modifications in prevention and control of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs): Focus on Islamic lifestyle

The advancement of human researches and scientific activities in the field of diseases prevention and treatment, has not diminished the importance of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Despite the continuous efforts for prevention and control of them, many peoples suffers from STD with very...

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Research Article

Effect of spiritual health (Sound Heart) on the other dimensions of health at different levels of prevention

Introduction and goal: From the perspective of Islam, spiritual health means having a Sound Heart (a calm, confident and optimistic soul, with hope for God’s mercy, satisfaction with destiny and vitality). The way to achieve spiritual health is strengthening the faith an...

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Letter to the Editor

The Essential Role of Esophagogastroduodenoscopy Prior to bariatric surgery

We read with interest the case report entitled “Dieulafoy’s Lesion related massive Intraoperative Gastrointestinal Bleeding during Single Anastomosis Gastric Bypass necessitating total Gastrectomy: A Case Report” published in Archives of Surgery and Clinical Research b Ashraf...

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Research Article

Evaluation of Desmin, α-SMA and hTERT expression in pulmonary fibrosis and lung cancer

Background: Pulmonary fibrosis is a clinical problem with an enigmatic etiology with no effective therapy. Current therapies for lung fibrosis are ineffective for progression of lung fibrosis and preventing respiratory

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Chemo-cytokines network is main target for control of Allergic asthma

Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease which characterized by recurrent air flow obstruction, wheezing, chest tightness and coughing. Management of allergic asthma especially in children, is main problem for industrial world. Immunological factors have critical role in pathogenesis of allergi...

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Research Article

Cytokine Modulatory Effects of Sesamum Indicum Seeds Oil Ameliorate Mice with Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis

Background: Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disorder of the central nerve system (CNS), which affects the brain and spinal cord. Experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE) is the most commonly applied experimental model for studying the MS. The aim of this study ...

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Heat transfer investigation of Non- Newtonian Fluid between two vertically infinite fl at plates by numerical and analytical solutions

In natural convection, the fluid motion occurs by natural means such as buoyancy. Heat transfer by natural convection happens in many physical problems and engineering applications such as geothermal systems, heat exchangers, petroleum reservoirs and nuclear waste repositories.

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Research Article

The Risk Factors for Ankle Sprain in Cadets at a Male Military School in Iran: A Retrospective Case-control Study

Introduction: Ankle sprain is a widespread impairment in sport groups; this impairment leads to an absence from the workplace. The ankle sprains incidence rates are induced by height, weight, BMI, physical fitness, level of match, classification of sport, and personal exposure...

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Review Article

Critical Management of Status Epilepticus

Seizure is clinical manifestation of sudden disruption of the normal electrical activity of cortical neurons.The brain electrical activity is periodically disturbed, alteration in neural cell integrity, increase in firing impulses and spread to adjacent normal neurons result in temporary brain...

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Research Article

Poly-dopamine-Beta-Cyclodextrin Modified Glassy Carbon Electrode as a Sensor for the Voltammetric Detection of L-Tryptophan at Physiological pH

The main purpose of this report was to develop application of poly-dopamine-beta-cyclodextrin modified glassy carbon electrode (PDA-β-CD-GCE) towards electrooxidation and determination of L-Tryptophan (L-Trp) and also the evaluation its kinetic parameters.

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