Review Article

Use of Geosynthetic materials in solid waste landfi ll design: A review of geosynthetic related stability issues

Geosynthetics used in landfills provides a technical and economic advantages over traditional clay liners. It may create stability issue and even lead to landfill failure due to its low interface or internal shear strength if improperly designed and/or constructed.

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Case Report

The Case of the Phantom Trophoblastic Tumor

This report provides an insight into a very unusual problem in the First trimester of pregnancy, and describes the unfolding of a series of potential blunders.

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Research Article

Ethical Dimensions of Population Genetic Research in the Caucasus

The emergence and establishment of anthropological genetics as an interdisciplinary science is primarily, associated with the development of new genomic technologies. Precision genetic testing on the one hand, and the rapidly increasing number of genetic investigations on the other, have creat...

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