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Design and validation of an Index to predict the development of Hypertensive Cardiopathy

Introduction: The high morbidity and mortality by hypertensive cardiopathy demand the construction and validation of tools to stratify the risk of developing this condition.

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Research Article

Non-hemodynamic factors associated to the risk of developing hypertensive cardiopathy

Introduction: Hypertensive cardiopathy is the target organ lesion caused by arterial hypertension (HTN) that exhibits the highest morbidity and mortality rates. Although the importance of hemodynamic overload exerted by HTN on the onset of cardiopathy is well established, seve...

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Letter to the Editor

The Daring of Biosimilars

The so-called “biotechnological revolution” is changing the structure of the Pharmacopoeia [1]. The space of biological products, previously limited to blood products and vaccines, grew from the introduction of first recombinant therapeutics in the 1980s until attaining a 25% by va...

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