Case Report

AngioJetTM rheolytic thrombectomy induced intravascular haemolysis leading to Acute Kidney Injury requiring Dialysis

Background: AngioJetTM rheolytic thrombectomy has been used in the treatment of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) to prevent post-thrombotic syndrome. Though not widely appreciated, it has the potential to cause
intravascular haemolysis.

Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.jcn.1001015 Citation Views: 2516

Case Report

Lateralized Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy presenting with recurrent Lacunar Ischemic Stroke

Here we reported an interesting case of an 84-year-old woman with acute onset of paresis of left arm and paresthesia of left face and arm. The symptoms resolved within two hours. She also had a similar prior episode two weeks ago with only left arm paresthesia.

Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.jnnd.1001005 Citation Views: 3934

Research Article

Physiological impact of Zinc nanoparticle on germination of rice (Oryza sativa L) seed

Nanoparticles affects growth and development of Plant. Zinc is an important micronutrient that regulates various physiological responses in plant. Application of nanoparticles for modulating plants physiological response is a recent practice. 

Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.jpsp.1001008 Citation Views: 4744

Research Article

Study of body composition, physiological variables in Grade III obese submitted to arm ergometer test

Introduction: Number of obese people is growing on a daily basis in Brazil, including morbid obese ones, but there is still a lack of studies with this subject. Due to this, the main goal of this study was to identify body profile, physiological variables behavior and oxygen c...

Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.hodms.1001005 Citation Views: 3705

Research Article

Profile of vitamin D receptor polymorphism Bsm I and FokI in end stage renal disease Egyptian patients on maintenance hemodialysis

Objective: In end stage renal disease, the synthesis of vitamin D is disturbed. Hyperparathyroidism is one of the key factors in the pathogenesis of many of the complications of dialysis mainly bone and cardiovascular complications

Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.jcn.1001005 Citation Views: 4423

Research Article

The influence of Infliximab on the development of Experimental Pancreatitis

Aim: To identify the possibility of correction of motor function of the gastro-intestinal tract in experimental pancreatitis with the administration of infliximab.

Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.hcg.1001003 Citation Views: 4240

Case Report

Potter Syndrome: A case study

Potter syndrome (PS) is a term used to describe a typical physical appearance, which is the result of dramatically decreased amniotic fluid volume secondary to renal diseases such as bilateral renal agenesis (BRA). 

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Research Article

Effect of Pre-Treatments and Drying Methods on the Chemical Quality and Microbial Density of Wild Edible Oyster Mushroom

This study was carried out to evaluate the effect of pretreatments and drying methods on the chemical quality and microbial density of wild edible oyster mushroom. The mushroom samples were pretreated by steeping in 0.5% citric and sodium metabisulphite at room temperature for 10 minutes befor...

Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.afns.1001007 Citation Views: 4503

Review Article

Microarray Analysis of Fish Genomic Data for enhancing Aquaculture Productivity of India

This review gives a brief introduction to the microarray technology and its experimental design and data analysis and a discussion of recent global progress in research using microarray technology in fi sh biology and aquaculture. DNA microarrays have been reported to have been used for the an...

Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.hpbr.1001002 Citation Views: 4997

Letter to the Editor

The revolution of cardiac surgery evolution Running head: Cardiac surgery evolution

From the First case of primitive cardiac surgery (CS), treatment of stab wound of the heart (Dr. Daniel Hale Williams, 1893), to recent surgical procedures and device implantations for end-stage heart failure (HF), the CS has grown and emerged in the public health more and more [1].

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Research Article

Convenient route synthesis of some new benzothiazole derivatives and their pharmacological screening as antimicrobial agents

Background: The reaction of 2-(benzo]d[thiazol-2-yl)3-oxopentanedinitrile 4 with DMF/DMA has been investigated to explore the synthetic potentialities of this novel activated nitrile in heterocyclic synthesis. 

Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.aac.1001004 Citation Views: 4946

Case Report

Tinnitus: Diagnosis and treatment options

Tinnitus-derived from the Latin “tinnire” meaning “to ring” is a perceived ringing, buzzing, or hissing in the ear(s) or around the head-which has multiple etiologies and is sometimes idiopathic. As of 2009 in the United States, approximately 50 million America...

Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.hor.1001010 Citation Views: 2978

Review Article

Use of MicroRNAs to Screen for Colon Cancer

Colon cancer (CC) screening is important for diagnosing early stage for malignancy and therefore potentially reduces mortality from this disease because the cancer could be cured at the early disease stage. Early detection is needed if accurate and cost effective diagnostic methods are availab...

Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.hjbm.1001006 Citation Views: 4894

Review Article

Surface Plasmon Resonance technology to assess biological interactions

Molecular interactions between proteins or between proteins and small molecules are pivotal events for selective binding of biological structures and, consequentially, for their correct function. In this scenario, the evaluation of kinetic parameters, characterizing a molecular interactions, i...

Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.hjbm.1001005 Citation Views: 5425

Review Article

The role of UK national ligament registry as additional source of evidence for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: Review of the literature and future Perspectives

Background: There is paucity in studies reporting long-term results following anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) rupture. A UK national ligament registry (NLR) designed to collect demographic, clinical and outcome data on patients undergoing ACL reconstruction was launched in 20...

Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.jsmt.1001012 Citation Views: 4898

Research Article

Exploring novel medical applications for commonly used veterinary drug (tilmicosin antibiotic)

Tilmicosin (TMC) is a semi synthetic macrolide antibiotic of tylosin derivatives commonly used by veterinaries, has been shown to reveal beneficial pharmacological activities. In the current study, the potential wound healing activity, Anti-oxidant effect (ulcer and hepatoprotective) were inve...

Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.ivs.1001001 Citation Views: 5254

Research Article

Nutritional Value of Three Different Oyster Mushrooms Grown on Cattail Weed Substrate

Three distinct oyster mushroom strains including Pleurotus florida (PF), Pleurotus eous (PE) and Pleurotus sajor-caju (PS) were successfully cultivated on cattail weed substrate. A comparative analysis of different parameters viz., biological efficiency (BE) and prot...

Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.hjb.1001006 Citation Views: 5419

Research Article

How does a Personalized Rehabilitative Model infl uence the Functional Response of Different Ankle Foot Orthoses in a Cohort of Patients Affected by Neurological Gait Pattern?

Background: Orthoses need to support physiotherapy as well as surgical treatment. Related to patient’s rehabilitative goals and pathological gait pattern, orthotists have to produce an orthoses that using an adjustable ankle joint system with preloaded disc springs can s...

Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.jnpr.1001010 Citation Views: 4525

Case Report

Inducible Laryngeal Obstruction/ Vocal Cord Dysfunction and the Role It Plays in Refractory Asthma

Chronic asthma accounts for a significant amount of unscheduled office and emergency department (ED) visits. According to the latest World Health Organization statistics, asthma worldwide affects 300 million individuals and creates a substantial health burden by restricting the patient’s...

Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.haard.1001005 Citation Views: 3426

Research Article

Prevalence of reported drug allergy and its impact on Beta lactam use with fi nancial and health implications

Background: While recognition and documentation of true drug allergy is critically important, most physicians acknowledge that its prevalence is likely overestimated, often on the basis of historical, sometimes anecdotal evidence. Correct or not, once applied, drug allergy lab...

Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.haard.1001004 Citation Views: 4134

Research Article

Parathyroid Functions in Thalassemia Major Patients

Background: Hypoparathyroidism is well known to occur in thalassemia major patients, but it is thought to be uncommon and its incidence is considered to be decreasing with improvements in chelation therapy. The
objective of this study was to assess the prevalence of parathyroid dysfunc...

Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.hcem.1001003 Citation Views: 5630

Research Article

Value of electrocardiographic T wave inversion in lead aVL in prediction of Mid Left Anterior Descending Stenosis in patients with stable Coronary Artery

Background: The electrocardiogram (ECG) is a simple and noninvasive bedside diagnostic tool with a wellestablished role in the diagnosis of coronary artery disease (CAD). We aimed to study the diagnostic value of electrocardiographic ST-T wave changes in lead aVL in prediction...

Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.jccm.1001015 Citation Views: 3097

Case Report

Photon Absorption characteristics of some selected Enzyme Inhibitors used in Cancer Research in the Energy range 1 keV-100 GeV

The absorption parameters such as total mass attenuation coefficients, molecular, atomic, and electronic cross sections, effective atomic numbers and electron densities were calculated for some selected enzyme inhibitors in the photon energy range from 1 keV up to 100 GeV.

Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.jro.1001009 Citation Views: 3797

Case Report

Otogenic lateral sinus Thrombosis: a rare complication of chronic Otitis media

Since the advent of antibiotics, lateral sinus thrombosis is an infrequent complication of otitis media. Lateral sinus thrombosis may occur by thrombophlebitis or penetration by offending pathogens through the dura of middle and posterior cranial fossae. We present a case of right-sided sigmoi...

Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.hor.1001009 Citation Views: 3494

Research Article

Anti-nutrient and mineral properties of Complementry Food produced from Malted Red Sorgum and Defatted Soybean Flour Blend

This study was aimed at producing a high nutritious food that will meet the nutritional requirements of consumers. Blends of malted red sorghum and defatted soybeans flour were processed and the resulting flours were formulated at ratios of 100:00; 95:5; 90:10 and 80:20 (malted red sorghum: ...

Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.afns.1001006 Citation Views: 4528

Research Article

Effect of drying methods on the physicochemical properties and Fatty Acid composition of Moringa Seeds Oil

Effect of drying methods (sun-drying and cabinet oven drying) on the physicochemical properties and fatty acid composition of oils extracted from moringa seeds was investigated. Oil from the seeds was extracted using solvent (hexane) after drying. Drying increased the yield from 30.30-33.11%.<...

Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.afns.1001005 Citation Views: 4678

Research Article

Effect on Vitamin D status of Breastfeeding Infants after Vitamin D3 Supplementation during Breastfeeding Lactation: A double-blind randomized controlled trial

Background: Vitamin D deficiency in pregnancy increases several risks of breastfed mothers. To prevent these adverse events, vitamin D supplementation during pregnancy and lactation is recommended, but suggested dose ranges vary.

Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.hcem.1001002 Citation Views: 5624

Review Article

Surgery and new Pharmacological strategy in some atherosclerotic chronic and acute conditions

In actual pharmacological therapy we can see that some drugs can be added to other medical instruments to improve their activity: in example we can see medicated stent for some coronary disease, or hormonal medical devices used in pregnancy prevention, but other example are known today.

Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.ascr.1001006 Citation Views: 4892

Case Report

Investigation on the occurrence of Hairy Polyp and Choristoma in Oral Cavity: A case study

Hairy polyp and choristoma are rare benign developmental malformations. Hairy polyp mainly occurs in the nasopharynx whereas choristoma occurs in the dorsum of the tongue. Aetiology and pathogenesis of both hairy polyp and choristoma still remain unknown. Diagnosis is made by histological exam...

Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.hor.1001008 Citation Views: 3887

Research Article

The Effect of Cement and wrapping on the Decomposition rate of the Rabbit Carcasses

Taphonomic study was firsttime conducted in Kuala Lumpur, capital city of Malaysia. In this research model, male Oryctolagus cunicullus weighed 1.8-2.6 kg each were killed by Dolethal intravenously at the ear region.

Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.jfsr.1001006 Citation Views: 3917

Research Article

Effect of pre-treatments and drying methods on Moisture percentage of dried Tomato Slices

A study was undertaken the effect of pretreatments and drying methods on quality parameters of tomato slices with respect to storage using two factors as treatments i.e. 5 pre-treatment levels (P1-Peeled by hot water dip blanching, P2-Peeled by hot brine dip blanching, P3-Unpeeled by hot water...

Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.afns.1001004 Citation Views: 4876

Mini Review

Do Fishes Hallucinate Human Folks?

Hallucinogenic fishes are fishes that can create hallucinations if their tissue is ingested. These incorporate certain types of fish found in a several parts of the tropics. The impacts of eating hallucinogenic fishes are rumored to be comparative in a few viewpoints to lysergic acid diethylam...

Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.afns.1001003 Citation Views: 1666

Research Article

Effect of storage period on the quality characteristics of two varieties of African Mango Seed Flour at ambient temperature

The effects of storage of Ogbona seed fl our (Irivingia gabonensis and Irivingia excelsa), at ambient condition (30±20C, 65-74% RH) for 0-4 months on some physical characteristics were investigated. The samples were subjected to storage in air tight polyethylene bags for up to four mont...

Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.afns.1001002 Citation Views: 5528

Case Report

Subacute infectious endocarditisassociated membranoproliferative glomerular nephritis: A Case Report and Review

We experienced a case of membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis (MPGN) caused by subacute infectious endocarditis (SIE). A 57-year-old male farmer complained of fatigue, lack of appetite and gross haematuria for a month; he had no cough, chest pain, or exertion dyspnea. After admission, lab ...

Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.jccm.1001014 Citation Views: 3133

Research Article

Use of Orthodeoxia by pulse Oximetry in the detection of Hepatopulmonary Syndrome

Chronic Hepatic deficiency due to the ingestion of alcohol remains as one of the main causes of morbidity and mortality in our country. From it a variety of complications arise, one of them is the Hepatopulmonary Syndrome, which usually goes unnoticed and undiagnosed; this syndrome is distingu...

Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.ascr.1001005 Citation Views: 5473

Short Communication

HBV: Genomic Structure, HBVsAg Isolation and innovative Virotherapy Initiation in the Middle East

Hepatitis B virus (HBV) is one of the world’s major infectious diseases with 350 million people who are chronic carriers of HBV [1]. Significant minorities go on to develop liver cirrhosis or hepatocellular carcinoma and over 1 million die annually from HBV-diseased liver.

Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.jpsp.1001007 Citation Views: 1733

Research Article

Effects of Vochysia haenkeana extract on the neuromuscular blockade induced by Bothrops jararaca venom on chick biventer cervicis preparation in vitro

Vochysia haenkeana extract (Vh-E) was assessed against the neuromuscular blockade induced by Bothrops jararaca venom on chick biventer cervicis (BC) preparation. Pre- and post-venom incubation treatments (Pre-vit and Post-vit) were analysed here. 

Read Full Article HTML DOI: 10.29328/journal.jpsp.1001006 Citation Views: 4895


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