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Human mesenchymal stem cells conditioned media promotes the wound healing process - An in vitro study

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) conditioned medium (CM) has a promising prospect towards skin regeneration. Therefore, human dental pulp and adipose stem cells (DPSCs and ADSCs) were isolated, propagated and evaluated for their stemness and genetic stability over time in culture before making CM...

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Let us start an epidemic by giving away kindness

‘Patients were left in soiled sheets or sitting on commodes for hours. Some patients needing pain relief got it late or not at all.’ These were a sample of the findings in the Francis Report which revealed severe failings in patient care in the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trus...

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Trans-abdominal cervical cerclage revisited

Changes in contemporary obstetric and gynaecological practice in relation to ultrasound cervical screening during pregnancy, the treatment of intra-epithelial cervical neoplasia and laparoscopic surgery have resulted in an increased utilization of trans-abdominal cervico-isthmic cerclage in an...

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What is the future for Scapholunate interosseous ligament reconstruction?

This opinion paper provides a summary of the current reconstructive surgical techniques for the scapholunate interosseous ligament (SLIL) and critically highlights their benefits and shortcomings. Due to limited success with direct repair of the ligament, current practice focuses on achieving ...

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Does Veterinary Science have a future in Australia?

Although the veterinary art has been practiced since antiquity, the modern era began in the 18th century with the establishment of the discipline of “Veterinary Science” at universities. In the 19th century, veterinary education began in Australia with Kendall’s private veter...

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Actinomycosis of the appendix

A 40 year old woman presented to the emergency department with acute on chronic abdominal pain in her right iliac fossa. On history her pain had been present for over 6 months and had previously been investigated with ultrasound, CT and a diagnostic laparoscopy several months prior to presenta...

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The failure to provide an effective veterinary service to sheep in Australia

Sheep are not native to Australia and were originally imported; 44 sheep were among the animals transported from Great Britain to the penal colony established on the east coast of Terra Australis in January 1788

The Australian Merino…comprise...

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AngioJetTM rheolytic thrombectomy induced intravascular haemolysis leading to Acute Kidney Injury requiring Dialysis

Background: AngioJetTM rheolytic thrombectomy has been used in the treatment of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) to prevent post-thrombotic syndrome. Though not widely appreciated, it has the potential to cause intravascular haemolysis.

Report: A 37...

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Responding to Disasters More than economic and infrastructure interventions

Objectives: Natural disasters confront individuals, communities and governments with the challenge of rebuilding and addressing psychosocial sequelae. With the increasing number of natural disasters it is timely to evaluate the efficacy of interventions and strategies to addre...

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Indian spices and Caffeine treatment for Obesity and Cardiovascular disease

The global obesity epidemic that was previously reported [1,2] is now to worsen with obesity to double in 73 countries around the world [3,4]. Improving the health of obese individuals by dietary restriction, anti-obese foods and increased physical activity [1] has not reduced the global obesi...

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Injuries of the shoulder sustained by Surfboard riders

Background: To determine the spectrum of shoulder pathologies suffered by surfers.

Methods: Prospective descriptive study. Surfers with shoulder injuries who were referred to a sub-speciality orthopaedic shoulder private practice situated on the Nor...

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Focal Ab-amyloid deposition precedes cerebral microbleeds and Superfi cial siderosis: a case report

This case report presents in-vivo findings on the spatial and temporal relationship between focal Ab-amyloid deposition, cerebral micro-haemorrhages and superfi cial siderosis.A 65-year-old woman underwent 11C-PiB PET scans that revealed an atypical focal and asymmetrical pattern of A...

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