Heighten Science Publication is a premier name in online publication industry. We serve the worldwide society with innovative, peer-reviewed, free access and milestone journals in almost all the major disciplines of science, humanity, technology, management and law.

Why you should advertise with us?

According to an online research survey, Heighten Science averages 1000 visitors per month. The scalar chain of Heighten Science comprises of prominent scholars and experts of different fields and an alert unmatched readership base. We have always confirmed to the requirements of the readers that is why we have a reader base that is increasing gradually with our popularity.

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Facilities for the advertisers

Top or Bottom advertisements in the form of banners: Heighten Science provides this facility as a shared space on the webpage. This facility helps the advertisers to rotate their ads randomly between the top and bottom position on a page.

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Some basic terms and conditions for our advertisers

  1. Heighten Science Publication will not take any responsibility for any omissions/errors or loss of files/data/images used or to be used for the purpose of advertisement.
  2. Heighten Science Publication will not take any responsibility of any shrinkage or color alteration of advertisements during the normal course of production.
  3. The advertisers should ensure that the ads are not misleading or harmful for the society.
  4. The Advertisements should be authorized and truthful and should not be contrary to the provisions of any law or code of practice of any country or place worldwide.
  5. Advertisers should ensure that the advertisements are free from virus or any malicious code that can cause disruption to any computer/any Digital Format/network.
  6. Heighten Science Publication doesn't encourage publishing of ads that discriminates the society on the basis of race, religion, sex or ethnic origin.
  7. Ads can contain up to approximately xxx words.
  8. Advertisers should ensure that the ads reach us at least three weeks prior to the contract date of placement of the ad.
  9. The ads must be in any of the following formats: GIF or JPEG.